Inca Dove

Scardafella inca

Finley says:

"One cannot live in Tucson for a day without making the acquaintance of the little Inca Dove. This diminutive member of the Dove family was formerly a home dweller in the cactus and mesquite but in later years has taken on civilization and is scarcely found outside the city limits. He likes a tree that borders a city lawn and he likes to make love on a telephone wire, dropping down to the door yard for his dinner and making himself at home with the chickens."

"We heard the Inca before we saw him. We did not have to listen; we could not help hearing him from dawn to dark. Of all wooing birds this Dove is the most constant. A pair of lovers will sit on the telephone wire by the house and keep up a mournful cooing which to some people is positively disconcerting. But all the world should love a lover. The song is really more suggestive of a funeral procession than of a wedding journey."


Southern Texas, Southern Arizona and Lower California

Birds and Trees of North America
Volume 5
, Plate
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