Rex Brasher left behind an immense and inspiring body of work. He dedicated his life to birds, and was intent on sharing this wondrous world. Rex Brasher's legacy is our mission.

Our goal is to preserve Rex Brasher's paintings, manuscripts, and homestead, document his life, travels, and techniques, share his life's work with a new generation of naturalists and bird enthusiasts, and advocate for awareness and protection of birds and their habitats.


A monetary gift is a great way to support our mission. Digitizing and archiving prints, researching materials and methods, maintaining the web site, and outreach all take time and money. At the Rex Brasher Association, every dollar is spent thoughtfully, with a dedicated focus to further Rex Brasher's legacy.


Are you an ornithologist, an artist, a historian, a printmaker, a preservationist, a photographer, or a graphic designer? Are you obsessively organized? Do you like old manuscripts, large data sets, writing grants? If so, you can help! Your expertise is a valuable asset and we welcome your contribution.

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Spread the Word

One of the best ways to fulfill Rex Brasher’s legacy is to spread the word. This collection of paintings and prints has been largely hidden for nearly a century. You can help us share this treasure with the world! Tell your friends. Tell National Geographic. Tell the Smithsonian. Tell Clint Eastwood about Rex Brasher's crazy adventures on the Phalarope! Seriously, it's begging to become a movie.

Live Responsibly

Rex Brasher was enamored by birds. He loved their curious nature. But even a century ago he was acutely aware of onrushing human encroachment into delicate bird habitats. Rex Brasher's mission was to show us the wondrous beauty of birds and illustrate the delicate balance of their ecosystems. His mission was awareness, and that is even more relevant today.

Want to donate, volunteer, or chat? Drop us a line!

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