Least Flycatcher

Empidonax minimus

If a pair of these energetic little birds take up their residence in your orchard the fact is continually announced. The “chebec" call is given with all the voltage of their tiny batteries—the performer actually shaking all over. They must need plenty of stored power just to talk, for the notes are incessant. After the young are hatched, the male swings aloft at evening and ends the daylight concert with a curious exuberant flight song which seems to carry the bird aloft on its cadence.

Red squirrels are their worst enemies and the eggs and nest they destroy keep Least Flycatchers from becoming numerous.

Nest: a neat structure of fine bark, dandelion seeds, hair, and feathers, located in crotches of trees.


Birds and Trees of North America
Volume 7
, Plate
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